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Sophistication is spoken in various languages. Some use their sports car, others use their home. However you choose to speak your personality, make it true to character. If you choose to communicate yours through your appearance, a clean, very crisp look conveys maturity and a strong sense of establishment. This look is easy to achieve – starch your shirt at the dry cleaner, and go with clear, bold colors, like white and red. And draw strong contrasts between garments. The result will be a catchy, but still clean appearance. The antonym of this look would be weathered, vintage and classic apparel, which is textured, and more earthy in tone.

TCGtip • Poly blended (polyester, poplin) shirts will look more crisp for longer and require less ironing, but are not as comfortable as wool and cotton. 

Red Chinos

Another benefit of wearing crisp garments, like a starched shirt is that the cuffs and collars retain their shape really well, so that you don’t ever have to worry about your getting collar pulled flat by the jacket’s lapel.

Rich Colored Pants

Using contrast in color and texture is ultimately going to create the most catchy outfit, while unified colors and textures are bound to make your look “cleaner.” Unification is easier on the eyes, while contrast creates tension.

Red Chinos

Make sure to adopt a pair of monk shoes into your style family. They’re a classic.
TCGtip • If you want your shoe investment to be worthwhile, buy your next pair with a leather sole shoe. They last much longer than the poorly [Chinese] made rubber bottom shoes, and are more “grown up”.

IMG_9181 As always, fit is of utmost importance. These chinos are tailored slim and match the overall shape of the figure. Red Chinos

This outfit is certainly a favorite among followers and us at TCG. It’s got the essentials – color, texture, and refinement.
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